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Matching Gifts Program

The Alliant Energy Foundation's Matching Gifts Program increases the generosity and commitment of Alliant Energy's employees, retirees and Directors.

The Alliant Energy Foundation has designed its Matching Gifts program to meet the diverse interests of all its eligible participants.

The Foundation matches dollar for dollar each qualifying donation of $50 or more, up to $2,500 per year, to any approved organization.

If you have questions regarding the Matching Gifts program, please contact the Foundation at 1-866-769-3779.


How it works

The Alliant Energy Foundation matches financial contributions made by employees of Alliant Energy and its subsidiaries, retirees of Alliant Energy and its predecessor companies, and members of the corporate Board of Directors.

Each direct gift of $50 or more will be matched dollar for dollar. The maximum amount per qualifying donor per calendar year is $2,500.

The date you designate for your gift on aegivesback.com is the date used to account for your gifts within a calendar year. For example, if you make a donation on January 1, 2017 or December 31, 2017, it will be applied to your 2017 limit. Your donation can be made with a check, credit card or the transfer of personal securities. If you’re transferring securities to an organization, you must provide us with documentation indicating the date, the amount of shares and the value of the shares on the date of your transfer.

Depending on the date when the request is received and verified, the Alliant Energy Foundation check to the Matching Gift recipient will be paid on a monthly basis.

If you have any questions regarding the Matching Gifts Program, please contact Leah Rodenberg at 786-4852 or leahrodenberg@alliantenergy.com.



In order to be matched, each gift must be made to a charitable organization holding a current Section 501(c)(3) designation letter from the Internal Revenue Service and located in Iowa, Wisconsin or Minnesota. However, we also will match a donation to a college or university located outside of these states if the employee or retiree graduated from the institution.

A gift made in support of a library, museum, zoo, etc., which is operated by a governmental entity would also qualify for a matching gift.

Some examples of eligible organizations include:

  • Public radio and television
  • Public and private schools, Kindergarten-12th grade
  • Colleges and universities, both private and public
  • Community and technical colleges
  • Cultural arts organizations
  • Environmental organizations
  • Hospice programs and hospitals
  • Historic sites and museums

Your gift must qualify as fully deductible for income tax purposes. Gifts may be made to one or more eligible institutions or organizations within the calendar year but they must be paid, not merely pledged.

Some examples of gifts that are NOT eligible for matching funds include:

  • Gifts made to religious institutions such as churches, synagogues, temples and other houses of worship, or to any organization whose main purpose is to promote a specific faith, creed or religion and/or direct resources to advocate for a specific ideology;
  • Gifts that support political parties or candidates, advocacy programs, or religious, athletic, social or fraternal organizations;
  • In-kind donations (the value of personal services or donated materials, goods, etc.);
  • Contributions to intermediary (“third party”) funding groups whose sole purpose is to raise money to distribute to other charities;
  • Donations to United Way, which is already supported by the Alliant Energy family of companies and the Alliant Energy Foundation as a result of annual employee-giving campaigns.

These are not exhaustive lists of eligible gifts or program limitations. If you have questions about a potential gift please review our Frequently Asked Questions and/or contact Leah Rodenberg at leahrodenberg@alliantenergy.com or 319-786-4852 before making your contribution.

To assure the Foundation is in compliance with IRS regulations, the Board of Directors has determined that gifts given in support of athletic programs at colleges and universities will be matched at 80 percent of the amount of the contribution.

The Board of Directors of the Alliant Energy Foundation is the final authority and reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any match.


How to apply

Participating in the Alliant Energy Foundation’s Matching Gifts Program is easy and quick. We accept match requests through aegivesback.com. Paper forms are not accepted.

To make an online Matching Gift request:

  • Visit aegivesback.com and log in to the site. If it is your first time using this site, you will need to click on the Create Your Password link at the bottom of the page;
  • Click on “Matching Gifts”;
  • Select whether your gift was made to a Higher Education Institution, or if the gift was given to another nonprofit organization;
  • Search for the organization you donated to, or use your history to quickly find an organization you have given to in the past.
  • If your organization is not listed, you may add it. Additional information, including the organization tax ID, a contact person and email address will be needed to add a new organization.

Afterwards, you’ll receive an email notification of your gift request. We will reach out to the organization to verify your contribution. Matching gift payments to organizations are processed monthly and you’ll be notified when the match has been finalized. To check the status of a matching gift request, log in to aegivesback.com at any time and go to the Giving Summary tab.

NOTE: If you need assistance with aegivesback.com, please contact customer support by calling 1-844-381-1103 or emailing alliantenergysupport@cybergrants.com



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Matching Gifts Program?

The Alliant Energy Foundation Matching Gifts Program offers eligible participants the opportunity to assist in targeting the Foundation's philanthropic dollars.

The Alliant Energy Foundation partners with eligible employees, retirees or directors who make gifts to qualifying organizations of their choice by matching their gifts on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

This gives your charitable giving an even greater impact and allows the Alliant Energy Foundation distribute more dollars to more communities and programs than could be accomplished without your help.

2. Have there been changes to the Matching Gifts Program?

Yes, the changes are as follows:

  • The minimum donation is now $50 and the annual limit per eligible donor is $2,500 per year.
  • To be eligible, an organization needs to be located within Iowa, Wisconsin or Minnesota. However, we will match donations to colleges and universities if the employee or retiree graduated from the institution.
  • Depending on the date when the request is received and approved, the Alliant Energy Foundation check to the Matching Gift recipient will paid monthly vs. quarterly in the past.

3. What is aegivesback.com?

Alliant Energy Foundation works directly with Cybergrants (formerly The JK Group, Inc.), headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts to administer our Matching Gifts, United Way Campaign, and volunteer programs. Employees and retirees can take advantage of these programs by visiting our site at aegivesback.com.

Some of the features of this site include:

  • A dashboard for tracking your annual giving totals
  • Easy links to record transaction for your favorite organizations
  • Access to the site on the go with your smartphone or tablet

If you experience any problems using the site, you can contact Cybergrants customer support by calling 1-844-381-1103 or emailing alliantenergysupport@cybergrants.com.

4. How do I look up my giving history?

To review your giving history, you may access it at aegivesback.com. After you log in to the site, select the Giving Summary tab at the top of the page.

  • You’ll find all of your past contributions, organized by year, on the Matching Gifts Giving History tab.
  • Visit the Matching Gifts Donor Balance tab to see how much of your annual $2,500 match you have taken advantage of and remaining balance for the current year.

5. Can I still use a paper form to make a Matching Gift?

No, we moved to an online request process only in 2015. This will provide a more efficient method for the non-profit organizations to verify and track donations as well as reduce administrative costs for our Foundation.

6. What is the 501(c)(3) mentioned in the Matching Gifts material?

This is the section of the Federal Tax Code that designates an organization as charitable and tax-exempt. Holding a 501(c)(3) makes most organizations eligible for the Matching Gifts program; however, it doesn’t automatically qualify every organization for the program. Please check with the Foundation staff if you’re unsure if your organization qualifies or not.

7. How do I know if an organization has a 501(c)(3)?

Ask your organization if it has this designation. Organizations seek this designation to be eligible for various gifts and grants and are accustomed to being asked to provide it to donors.

If you are not able to get this information, contact the Foundation staff for assistance.

8. Does the Matching Gifts program match any other organizations?

Yes. In addition to 501(c)(3) charities, the Alliant Energy Foundation matches gifts to the following types of organizations:


Organizations or entities such as libraries, volunteer fire departments, emergency medical response teams, community centers or towns may be eligible. The organization must provide a letter from the appropriate governmental agency on their letterhead stating that the program is under its jurisdiction.

For example, a library would present a letter signed by their City Clerk stating their relationship to the town. A 170(c)(1) determination letter from the IRS is also acceptable as proof of eligibility.


Schools and most educational institutions are eligible for the Matching Gifts program.

  • Public schools must be an accredited school in order to be matched.
  • Private schools must be 501(c)(3) organizations.

Accreditation is required because it is an equitable and cost-effective way for us to ensure that the recipient schools meet and maintain a certain standard of quality.

9. When is a donation to a school or university not eligible?

A donation to a school is not eligible when the donor or a relative receives direct benefit from the gift. This includes tuition, purchase of tickets to events and activities, expenses for trips or activities, or purchase of items (wrapping paper, food, etc.) as part of fundraising efforts.

Seminaries and schools that prepare students for religious careers are not eligible.

10. I purchased materials for a project I’m doing for an eligible organization. Will the Foundation match the money I spent for those materials?

No, your gift has to be a monetary gift. According to Foundation guidelines, the Matching Gifts program will not match “in kind” gifts such as purchases made on behalf of an organization for a project

11. When is an organization that holds a 501(c)(3) not eligible?

Some examples are as follows: religious institutions, groups that support political parties or advocacy programs, as well as contributions to “third party” charitable groups or United Way organizations.

12. Does the Foundation match gifts to churches?

No, Alliant Energy Foundation does not fund organizations whose sole purpose is to promote a particular faith.

However, many faith-based organizations have taken steps to become eligible for Foundation programs. Gifts may be eligible for a match if the programs operated by faith-based organizations meet certain criteria:

  • If the gift supports a particular program that is available and open to all individuals in the community;
  • The program is for non-religious purposes (such as a food pantry or domestic abuse shelter);
  • The organization does not exclusively use the program to promote any religion; and
  • The organization has a 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS.

13. My child participates in a youth sports team. Can contributions to the program be matched?

Contributions made to athletic, arts, or youth organizations can be matched if the organization has a 501(c)(3) designation.

Also, your contribution has to be a donation, not be for the payment of registration fees, purchase of a uniform, equipment, or any merchandise paid for as a part of a fundraiser.

14. Why aren't contributions matched when they are given to organizations that collect and re-distribute funds (“third party” organizations”)?

The Alliant Energy Foundation Matching Gifts program only matches charitable gifts made from an eligible donor's personal funds directly to an eligible recipient organization. The program is intended to develop a relationship between the contributor, the Foundation and the organization.

Organizations that solicit funds, become the holder of those funds, take an administrative fee, and then re-distribute to organizations in their name, are "third party" organizations. Funds distributed in this way are not identified as coming from you or the Foundation.

15. Why doesn't the program match all organizations?

The Alliant Energy Foundation and its Board of Directors have carefully determined what can or cannot be funded by Foundation assets - whether through direct grants or through the other programs the Foundation offers. Some organizations may have a 501(c)(3) determination but do not meet the criteria that the Foundation has set.

It may be that the organization is restricted to a specific group of citizens or has a mission that is in conflict with our corporate mission. The Board of Directors reserves the right to determine whether a match should be declined.

16. Can I consider the amount of the match to assist in fulfilling my pledge to an organization?

No. Foundation assets cannot be used to relieve a person of a financial obligation he or she would otherwise have to pay.

17. When is my request matched?

The Alliant Energy Foundation matches approved gifts on a monthly basis.

It is cost-effective to approve and pay these requests in "batches.” Many of the recipient organizations receive donations from several donors within the same period of time. Writing one Foundation check to the recipient organization for these several requests helps both the Foundation and the organization reduce administrative costs.

18. How is the annual donor limit determined?

The Foundation Board of Directors periodically reviews the program guidelines and establishes the limit.

The annual limit for each eligible participant is $2,500. The date you designate for your gift on EasyMatch or your form is the date used to account for your gifts within a calendar year. For example, if you make a donation on January 1, 2016 or December 31, 2016, it will be applied to your 2016 limit.

19. I still have a question that wasn’t answered here. What do I do now?

For questions regarding your specific giving history, the administration of the program or for technical problems (such as resetting your password or questions on the status of a match request), please contact Cybergrants by calling 1-844-381-1103 or emailing alliantenergysupport@cybergrants.com. For other questions, please contact Leah Rodenberg at 319-786-4852 or leahrodenberg@alliantenergy.com.

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