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Featured Retiree

We'd like to learn a little more about you and help you learn about your fellow retirees. If you'd like to be a Featured Retiree, simply fill out the Featured Retiree Submission Form.

We look forward to sharing your stories and photos! 

Featured Retiree: Ray Ray 2



Name: Raymond W. Ray

Retired in: December 27, 1978

"A Complete Resume of My Life and Love of Artwork"

Featured Retiree: Ray Ray 1

Featured Retiree: Pat Hartley 

Name: Pat Hartley

Retired in: October 2012

Position(s): Relief operator, shift supervisor, assistant plant manager, operations manager, plant manager

Memories: The people I worked with and the challenges we overcame.

Favorite thing about retirement: Time to volunteer and help people. The ability to travel.




Featured Retiree: Mary Obligato 

Name: Mary Obligato

Retired in: April 1998

Position(s): Accounting clerk, customer service clerk, meter reader, home energy auditor, residential account rep, Rockton, IL community rep (additional reps), commercial account rep, industrial account rep, plus temp assignments on IL rate case and gas main expansion evaluation

Memories: My co-workers who always kept life interesting, and serving the customers’ diverse needs provided many challenges and serving them gave a lot of satisfaction. I’m also very grateful for the assistance WPL provided me when I earned my BA from Beloit College in 1986.

Favorite thing about retirement: Time to pursue my dilatant habits and volunteer as I try to continually serve others while having fun!

Featured Retiree: Rozena McVey 

Name: Rozena McVey

Retired in: January 1999

Position(s): Legal assistant

Memories: Traveling our service territory mapping and writing legal descriptions for refranchising our electric lines; working with employees on project teams

Favorite thing about retirement: Traveling, winters in Texas, volunteer activities (have turned in volunteer hours since it started)






Featured Retiree: Tony Vondra 

Name: Tony Vondra

Retired in: December 2007

Position(s): Account manager

Memories: Traveling & visiting large power customers and seeing their operations

Favorite thing about retirement: Can do what you want to whenever you want to, such as fish, hunt, golf, travel or just nothing. Work during tax season for CPA firm in Decorah in Feb, March and part of April, then I retire annually






Featured Retiree: Ken Martin 

Name: Ken Martin

Retired in: July 2013

Position(s): Gas tech, truck driver, groundman, meter reader

Memories: Help people when they needed help with no power and gas leaks

Favorite thing about retirement: Having time for family and friends






Featured Retiree: Wendell Smith 

Name: Wendell Smith

Retired in: October 2013

Position(s): Meter reader, gas machine, gas machine foreman

Memories: Retiree fish fries at Burlington

Favorite thing about retirement: Going mule trail riding all over the U.S.







Featured Retiree: Bill Mitchell 

Name: Bill Mitchell

Retired in: 2004

Position(s): Process implementer, assistant operating superintendent, district engineer

Memories: Meetings with Cooper Power

Favorite thing about retirement: Travel







Featured Retiree: John Coleman











 Name: John Coleman

Retired in: October 1991

"I started to work January 1952.

I learned my trade and was a Journey Lineman. I had a high voltage accident in 1968 in Boone. When I had recovered, the company transferred me to Marshalltown as a Safety Supervisor in 1970. In which I toured the state, calling on all of their properties. I held this position until 1972. I moved on to be a Load Analyst. I held this position until 1975. I moved to a new position as Truck Driver Material Man. I hauled company equipment to all of IE holdings.

I retired in October 1991. The company offered me an early retirement at age 59. The company paid me my regular retirement, plus a supplement to make up for social security. They paid until I was 62, and then a smaller amount until I was 65. It was considered one of the best retirements in Marshalltown.

I enjoyed all of my fellow workers.

In retirement, I held several odd jobs. I drove dealer car trades for an auto dealer. I drove a flat bed wrecker for a junk dealer. Picking up wrecked cars. Now the second Friday of the month, I get together with IE retirees at 9:30 for breakfast and conversation."

 Featured Retiree: Bob Kluge 

Name: Bob Kluge

Retired in: 2001

Position(s): Engineer, Transmission Lines

Memories: The people were great to know and work with! My long-time boss (Stan Horack) was a great supervisor. The company encouraged personal development and professionalism.

Favorite thing about retirement: When Alliant sold the transmission system to ATC, I transferred with the assets. I'm actually still employed by ATC and enjoying working with several of the same LNT people. Presently, my greatest joy comes from our five (soon to be 6) grandchildren. We go fishing, skiing, canoeing, biking and attend all their birthday parties.

 Featured Retiree: Jim Johnson





 Name: Jim Johnson

Retired in: January 1994

Position(s): 1960 - Apprentice Lineman; 1964 – Local Representative, South Wayne, WI; 1969 – Local Manager, Waupun-Fox Lake, WI; 1972 – Local Manager, Dodgeville, WI; 1973 – District Manager, Monroe, WI; 1976 – District Manager, Dane County (Oregon); 1981 – Western Regional Manager, Madison, WI; 1984 – General Manager-Natural Gas Division, Madison, WI; 1985 – Vice President and General Manager-Natural Gas Division, Madison, WI; 1989 – Vice President and General Manager-Customer Services, Madison, WI; 1991 – Senior Vice President-Operations and Engineering, Madison, WI; 1993 – Senior Vice President-Operations and Engineering and President, Heartland Energy Services, Madison, WI

Memories:  Working and meeting hundreds of employees throughout the Company.  I enjoyed getting to know the employees and I developed many friendships.

Favorite thing about retirement: It allows us to spend more time with family and travel to various destinations.

Featured Retiree: Robert France Name: Dennis McGovern

Retired in: January 2008

Position(s): Gas crew and line technician

Memories:  Working with great people. I worked underground the last many years and loved it.

Favorite thing about retirement: Every day is Saturday.

Featured Retiree: Robert France Name: Robert France

Retired in: Spring 1985

Position(s): Control room operator

Memories:  Contact with public and fellow employees.

Favorite thing about retirement: Traveling and doing things with my family.

Featured Retiree: Burnetta Cummins Name: Burnetta Cummins

Retired in: June 1984

Position(s): Office attendant

Memories:  Great company to work for with great benefits

Favorite thing about retirement: Dale and I had a good time traveling in our 5th wheel. Ten years in Florida, for two to three months each summer.

Featured Retiree: Terry Campbell Name: Terry Campbell

Retired in: December 2013

Position(s): Meter reader, truck driver groundman, dispatcher, local material coordinator

Memories:  Working storms

Favorite thing about retirement: Do what you want, when you want

Featured Retiree: David Birschbach Name: David Birschbach

Retired in: 1994

Position(s): Stores helper, meter reader, stores clerk, gas & electric service man

Memories:  Ice storm of 1976 – five days with two-man line crew from Stevens Point

Favorite thing about retirement: Being retired

Featured Retiree: Bud Conner Name: Garland "Bud" Conner

Retired in: July 1996

Position(s): Meter reader, engineer department, sales supervisor

Memories:  Great employees

Favorite thing about retirement: Traveling

Featured Retiree: Patricia Osborn Name: Patricia Osborn

Retired in: April 1994

Position(s): Key punch clerk, machine bookkeeper, property records clerk

Memories:  Working on the square –Hill’s Restaurant

Favorite thing about retirement: People are more friendly after we retire – no more hourly and salaried

Featured Retiree: Tony Vondra Name: Arlyn (Tony) Vondra

Retired in: December 2007

Position(s): Account Manager

Memories:  Working with the wonderful employees of Alliant Energy to solve our customers' energy needs and issues.

Favorite thing about retirement: No time schedules. Can travel, visit kids and grandkids, go fishing, hunting, running, hiking, etc. whenever you want to.

Featured Retiree: Gerald Bair Name: Gerald Bair

Retired in: August 1995

Position(s): Manager

Memories:  The employees

Favorite thing about retirement: Spare time to enjoy hobbies. One hobby is computer repair and helping others.

Featured Retiree: Larry Heneke




 Name: Larry Heneke

Retired in: May 1997

Position(s): Hydro operator, Diesel operator, and Hydro/Diesel Engineer at DeWitt, Maquoketa and Anamosa. Also worked three months at Palo during refueling.

Memories:  Never a dull moment! From quiet days of cleaning, measuring river height and mowing lawn; to floods and log jams under the gates. A large black snake crawled across the top of the transformer and shorted it out. Winter brought its own problems, with making sure gates would open if the need arose and ice jams that backed up to within 15 ft. of the house.

Favorite thing about retirement: No worries about floods or ice jams.

Note: The photo is of Larry cleaning up the Lakehurst Dam in Maquoketa, IA.

 Featured Retiree: Joe Gilbert Name: Joe Gilbert

Retired in: April 1987

Position(s): Employment supervisor, college recruitment, employee benefits supervisor, wage and salary administration, employee relations manager

Memories:  A tremendously employee-oriented management; many good memories.

Favorite thing about retirement: Being retired – although I miss the employee relationships.

Featured Retiree: Kermit Tolzin Name: Kermit Tolzin

Retired in: June 2007

Position(s): Gas departments in various locations (Cherokee, Walthill NE, Storm Lake, Clarinda)

Memories:  Fellow employees, many years of friendship. I met many good people.

Featured Retiree: Susan Broshar


 Name: Susan Broshar

Retired in: August 2010

Position(s): Billing Clerk, Billing Supervisor, Call Center Supervisor

Memories:  All of the good people I worked with through my 44-year career. I made many lasting friends. I also had the opportunity to participate in many changes to the utility industry through the

Favorite thing about retirement:  Sleeping later and getting a full 8 hours of sleep; time to do more volunteer work; more time and opportunities for travel and spending time with family

Featured Retiree: James Campbell Name: Dennis Funke

Retired in: 1976

Position(s): 1957- Dyersville serviceman/meter reader, 1959 - Dubuque truck driver groundman, 1963 - lineman small crew foreman, 1990 Dyersville area manager until 1998, worked for a year on cross functional team on conductors.

Memories: The great people I worked with. I met my wife at the IPC service building!

Featured Retiree: James Campbell Name: James Campbell

Retired in: July 1996

Position(s): Control Room Operator-Edgewater, Shift Supervisor-Edgewater and Columbia, Assistant Manager-Columbia, Manager-Nelson Dewey, Regional General Manager-Nelson Dewey and Rock River.

Memories: Having the experience of working at all of the WPL/Alliant generating stations during my years of work.

Favorite thing about retirement: Being able to travel to many places. We are Florida residents and have a summer home in northeastern Iowa. We are thankful for good health these years.
Featured Retiree: Larry Wood Name: Larry Wood

Retired in: February 2006

Position(s): Lineman, Area Manager, Dist Supt, Tech.

Memories: All the good people I was able to work with.

Favorite thing about retirement: I don't have to be nice to anybody if I don't want to.
Featured Retiree: Vernon Schultz Name: Wendell Smith

Retired in: October 2013

Position(s): Meter reader, gas machine, gas machine foreman

Memories: Retiree fish fries at Burlington

Favorite thing about retirement: Going mule trail riding all over the U.S.
Featured Retiree: Vernon Schultz Name: Vernon Schultz

Retired in: December 1994

Position(s): Chief storekeeper -South Area

Memories: The people I worked with.

Favorite thing about retirement: My part-time job at Ferrell Gas for 20 years and the time for travel.
Featured Retiree: Marge Nauman Name: Marge Nauman

Retired in: May, 1988

Position(s): Consumer service advisor

Memories: The wonderful employees and customers.

Favorite thing about retirement: Having time to participate in activities that time didn’t allow before – reading, bridge, etc.

Featured Retiree: Richard Merrihew Name: Richard Merrihew

Retired in: May 1998

Position(s): Traveling electrician, technician, meter depot superintendent

Memories: Challenge of the many different problems.

Favorite thing about retirement: Time to pursue varied interests.
Featured Retiree: Pat Cline Name: Pat Cline

Retired in: April 1994

Position(s): Receptionist and Telephone, Mason City; Cashier, Postville

Memories: I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work for Alliant and the great people I worked with!

Favorite thing about retirement: Being able to spend the winters in Florida.
Featured Retiree: Cheryl Noble 

Name: Cheryl Noble

Retired in: April 2011

Position(s): Office Administrator for the Spirit Lake and Winnebago zones

Memories: All the changes and going from IE to IES to AE; the employees - I loved the employees!

Favorite thing about retirement: NO STRESS and being able to do what I want.

Featured Retiree: Bob Bentley Name: Bob Bentley

Retired in: October 1994

Position(s): Laborer (temporary summer job), truck driver, line apprentice, lineman, local representative - gas & electric.

Memories: Working with many good people who have become lifelong friends. Who can forget the ice storm (not necessarily the favorite memory)!

Favorite thing about retirement: Having the best of two worlds – Florida in the winter and Wisconsin in the summer. Enjoying the grandchildren and great grandchildren and golf, golf, golf.